Subscription Clean Energy with Inspire

By Janet Bressler-Bilenky


Everybody complains about their energy bill, but nobody does anything about it! Well, if Inspire has anything to say about it, everybody will be able to! Do something that is! Inspire is building the world’s first fully integrated clean energy company. They’re on a mission to disrupt the one-size-fits-all utility model, by offering a viable alternative to the antiquated energy market that’s traditionally been dominated by government-sanctioned monopolies.


Inspire has created a groundbreaking smart home subscription that combines personalized clean energy plans with best-in-class smart devices. 


Fast Company recently noted that Inspire offers “a Netflix-style subscription to wind power”. While most (or all!) businesses that collect data about your buying habits do so in order to make you buy more stuff, Inspire’s technologies guide you in the opposite direction. Who ever heard of such a thing!?! Using the Inspire app, members can self-drive their smart homes from anywhere, and track progress towards rewards for using less energy. The app also includes energy use tracking, accompanied by rewards when members accomplish home performance goals. Their motto is, “The cleanest form of energy is energy that isn’t used”.


Inspire’s proprietary operating system, called “Symphony”, customizes a subscription for each home by analyzing data like energy use, occupancy, weather history and real estate trends. Throughout the lifespan of membership, Symphony is constantly learning about members’ behaviors in their homes, so the Inspire app gets more personalized over time. It’s like your house is watching you, but in a good way- in order to save you money!


Cyclists and bicycle industry pros are all about living greener, so a partnership between Philly Bike Expo and Inspire feels like a match made in heaven! I’m looking forward to stopping by the Inspire booth and finding out how their smart-home technology can be applied to an almost 200 year old “dumb home” like mine!