iZip: Electric Fun

iZip is quick to point out that electric bikes are not a new thing. Early attempts were made in the 1890s, and a century later, increasingly sophisticated battery technology spawned renewed efforts to perfect an e-bike. It took about another 20 years of improved speed and pedal force sensors, along with lighter, more powerful, and more easily recharged batteries to place e-bikes at the forefront of a revolution.


This paradigm shift has already taken place in Europe, where e-bikes are a large and growing share of city and utility bike transportation. While purists may shun the use of e-bikes for recreation, it’s as basic transportation that e-bikes make a lot of sense: you can arrive at your destination fresher, and perhaps not dripping with perspiration, after using electric motor assist on your commute.


“Assist” is the key word here. E-bikes do not pedal themselves, and the rider still needs to turn the pedals over to make use of the motor assist that e-bikes provide. iZip’s website describes e-bikes as “hybrid bikes”, and that’s a good way to view them. It’s the combination of human and electric power that gives e-bikes such a commanding advantage.


iZip wants to bring fun to electric bikes. With bright colors and “beachy” themes that betray its southern California roots, iZip has 18 different models you can choose from, in trail, speed, leisure and utility categories. iZip offers three trail/MTB e-bikes that tempt you to consider the fun and reduced fatigue that motor assist can bring to an epic day’s adventure in the backcountry.


Come by the iZip booth at the Philly Bike Expo to see what all the fuss is about. You’ll come away a believer in the e-bike, and pleasantly surprised by this new technology - if not quite outright “shocked”!