Von Hof Cycles: small order

Von Hof Cycles crafts small batch steel and aluminum bicycles by hand in Hoboken, New Jersey. The “small batch” approach to manufacturing offers a couple of key benefits. It allows Von Hof to be highly selective about the quality of materials they use and the partners they work with. Small batch also means that Von Hof stocks only what they need, which saves them and their customers money.


Von Hof’s focus on small batch manufacturing also extends to the sizes of their bikes. At the Philly Bike Expo, Von Hof showed a women’s specific bike named the DIA. It’s a steel road frame specially designed for women 5'5" and under. One of Von Hof's co-founders knows from her personal experience how difficult it is to find a responsive performance bike suitable for smaller riders. It comes in sizes as small as 44cm, yet still uses 700c wheels for the performance and handling advantages they offer. It's designed to do it all - road races, gravel adventure rides and full days in the saddle.


Of course, one needn’t be a woman, nor diminutive to ride a Von Hof. They offer a full range of sizes in road, cyclocross and mountain bike options, frame only or complete builds.