VeloColour: making bikes nice

VeloColour’s name, with its bi-lingual makeup and an extra “u” added to color, British-style, quickly betrays the fact that they are a Canadian company.


VeloColour designs color schemes and paints frames for contemporary builders. Based in Toronto, they also specialize in new paint,frame restoration, repair and braze-ons for consumers.


VeloColour can do an intricate paint job for you that involves multiple colors, pinstriping, panel bands, lug lining, chroming and chrome restoration, fades, pearls and metallic flakes and candies, but a single color paint job by them offers a sublime result after 16 painstaking steps.


Lest you believe that painting bicycles is an easy affair not worth the money spent on the pursuit, read the steps taken by VeloColour for a standard paint job:


  1. Stripping of old paint finishes
  2. #120 glass bead/aluminum oxide blasting or hand sanding based on material
  3. First epoxy primer coat
  4. Dent and pit filling
  5. Lots of hand sanding
  6. Second epoxy primer coat
  7. First colour coat
  8. Second colour coat
  9. Additional colours are applied at this point
  10. First clear coat
  11. Details such as decals and stencils are applied after the clear coat has been gently oven baked
  12. Second clear coat with three additional coats over decals and stencils and more baking
  13. Final hand sanding for an exceptionally smooth finish
  14. Third clear coat
  15. Final clear coat
  16. Gentle oven curing


To their full array of frame painting, repair and restoration services, VeloColour has added a line of soft goods, which includes saddle bags, caps, jerseys, jackets, handlebar wrap and socks, all of which may be purchased at their website.