Cobra Frames: meant to be thrashed

Cobra Frames are built by Joe Roggenbuck in Syracuse, New York using steel TIG-welded and brass fillet-brazed construction.


For Roggenbuck, practicality and versatility are key virtues of any bike, and he imparts these virtues to his frames.


“I tend to specialize in versatile and practical bikes such as randonneuring and gravel bikes. I aim to make straightforward bike frames that can cleanly integrate all of the parts of the finished bicycle.”


Roggenbuck shuns the influence of racing culture that draws in many other builders, and he doesn’t build bikes for a specific subset of cyclist. With his frames, Roggenbuck seeks to encompass a broader, collaborative ethos of cycling.


“In the past, road racing has informed too much of recreational road cycling culture. In a road race, speed and weight savings are crucial to the bike to remain competitive, but for those of us who want to ride with friends on our own time and get out on the weekends, we don't need to make the same sacrifices to our bikes. We can choose to ride bicycles that give us versatility and capability, not just flat out speed. The trend toward larger volume tires for "road bikes" is enabling a new road cycling ethos that is more focused on riding for the fun of it than just race-winning speed.”

Roggenbuck follows the Occam’s Razor paradigm to produce an elemental two-wheeled vehicle meant to be thrashed. He aims to design and build the strongest, simplest, and most beautiful bikes he can to give the customer the best cycling experience possible.