Bronin Jitensha: building a bridge of steel

Bronin Jitensha, LLC is a New Jersey-based import/export firm that is doing its part to improve Japanese-American relations (not that they are bad at the moment). 


Bronin Jitensha is importing the well-regarded Japanese Cherubim and Nagasawa framesets to the USA. Cherubim has won many awards over the years at the North American Handmade Bicycle Show (NAHBS) courtesy of the skilled hands of master builder Shinichi Konno.


In return, Bronin Jitensha exports America's finest to Japan: Waterford and Gunnar handbuilt framesets from Wisconsin, in America's heartland, that are part of a family lineage begun by Ignaz Schwinn, namesake of the iconic American brand, in 1895.


The interest in handbuilt steel bikes currently booming in both countries is part of a worldwide resurgence in the craft, and healthy sales numbers in both Japan and the USA reflect this renaissance of steel.