Introduction to Bicycle Finishes: Paint, Powder or Ceramic

Presented by Rhodes Walter, Groovy Cycleworks

Bicycle finishes; where does all that color come from?
Let’s be honest, it’s often the colors that adorn a bicycle that first draw you in. Whether bright and bold or classically deep hues, the finish creates attraction and speaks to the character of the bike. Often overlooked, however, are the fundamental physical properties of those finishes; how they are applied, the benefits offered, and long term considerations for performance and durability. During this seminar, we will look at liquid paint, powder coat, and ceramic finish processes. A visual tour of the application of each type will lead to a discussion of the pros and cons of each material and help us define realistic use expectations. Join me as we explore the process behind the colors that coat our favorite vehicle, the bicycle.

Sunday, November 5th, 12:00 PM, Seminar Room 124